Quick And Simple Cooking Tips for Busy Moms

If you are a busy mom who stays at home and look after your children, you will have hard time balancing among various tasks including taking care of your children, cleaning the house and cooking.

All of them require you to spend a lot of time and energy to fulfill. Luckily, you could equip yourself with plenty of tips to make your job much easier.

Quick And Simple Cooking Tips for Busy Moms

With cooking, there are also various simple and effective hints and guides that save you a lot from trouble. Knowing about them will sure do you a favor and give you more time to do other things. Here are some quick and simple cooking tips for busy moms like you:

1/ Plan Your Meals Ahead

It is ideal if you know that you are going to cook for a whole day. Plan what ingredients that you are going to use as well as the order you are going to prepare them.

Also for some dishes, you can prepare them in advance with other dishes so that you could save on preparation time.

For example, you could wash and slide all of your herbs and pack them into small bags. Each time when you need to cook something with your herbs, you only need to open a bad and do nothing else.

When you start cooking for a meal, plan in your head about what takes the longest time to cook and do it first.

2/ Collect Recipes

You should start having a habit of collecting all of the recipes that you might find useful and keep them in a notebook. Doing this will help you in many ways.

First, by collecting recipes when you come across something that you like saving you a lot of time searching for that recipes or when you want to cook something new later on.

Secondly, with a book of recipes, you can easily bring it when you go to the grocery store to buy ingredients. You will save a lot of time thinking about what you should buy and avoid forgetting some important ingredients.

Also with a collection of recipes, it will have you new ideas so you won’t end up having the same meal over and over again.

Now with the help of innovations and technologies, you can download various recipe books from the internet to your smartphone for free, which is also compact and convenient to bring with you when you go shopping.

Quick And Simple Cooking Tips for Busy Moms

3/ Freezer Bag Meals

Another advice that could help you to save a lot of time cooking is to cook various potions at the start of a week and freeze them.

You could use various household appliances such as food saver vacuum sealer to help you pack the meals. By vacuuming sealing your food before freezing, the quality of the food will be preserved better.

Don’t worry that the nutrients will be lost if you freeze the foods. By freezing your meals right after you cook them, you would be able to sustain most of the vitamins and nutrients.

4/ Make the Most Use of the Leftovers

Don’t throw your leftovers away. In fact, you can use your leftovers as a main ingredient for a brand new dish.

There are various recipe books about leftover which you can get your ideas from. Also there are various sites such as Pintest and Instagram where busy moms like you post pictures about their leftover dishes. You can come to these sites and get ideas from them as well.

5/ Make Quick And Easy Meals

You don’t have to push yourself and spend a lot of time on cooking. There are a wide selection of easy dishes which you can cook for only 15 minutes and less. If you get stuck, you can find various ideas on the Internet as well as books about quick meals.

Don’t worry that less cooking time means the foods are not good. On the contrast, some dishes like salads takes a little time to make but still offer you a bunch of tastes and nutrients.

There are also many kinds of healthy snacks which you could use as desserts for your family.

The last thing to remember is never trade off convenience for fast foods. They may taste delicious and require no cooking time but they are unhealthy.

Here are some simple cooking tips I think that every busy mom with little time for cooking will find very effective and useful. I hope that you also would be able to apply these tips to your cooking time.

By utilizing and making the best use of your experience in cooking, you will still have a lot of good and healthy meals without having to spend a lot of time on it.

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