Basic Guide About Cooking for College Students

For some students, college time is the first time they have to stay away from home. It is also the first time they have to do everything, from doing laundry, cleaning to cooking.

Cooking can be fun, especially when you have chance to cook with your friends and throw a lot of parties. However, it can be a challenging task if you don’t cook well and struggle to find time to cook for yourself.

Another thing that prevents college students from cooking is that sometimes eating fast foods is much cheaper than having a healthy meal at home.

Actually, you should not let all the drawbacks of cooking for you stop you from cooking. With many tips and guides made
especially for you, you will finally find the joy of cooking and could turn all the disadvantages into advantages.

Basic Guide About Cooking for College Students

Here are some basic tips you could follow to make the best out of cooking in your student’s life:

1/ Remember to Stay Healthy

No matter what you are going to cook, it is very important that you could stay as healthy as possible.

Being able to eat healthy could keep you in a good shape, a good mood and also a better mind. No one can deny the importance of eating healthy to the success of your college life.

There are many things that you need to remember to eat healthy.

  • Firstly, fresh food are normally healthy than the frozen ones. For example, fresh fish contain more flavors and nutrients than the frozen alternatives.

Although it is more expensive when you buy fresh products, you can save the cost by looking for deals and bargains. Buying vegetables when they are in peak season also lowers the cost.

  • Secondly, opt for the organic products. They are healthier and friendlier to the environment. You can check if a food is organic or not by looking for organic label.
  • Although it is convenient, you should retrain yourself from ordering take away food or fast foods. You can eat them once in a while but don’t make them your regularly meals.
Basic Guide About Cooking for College Students

2/ Have Fun While Cooking

You will sure love cooking if you have a lot of fun doing it. If you live with your friends, cook with them. Also cooking with many people saves you a lot of time on preparing and cooking for the foods.

If you live by yourself, you could invite your friends to come over at the weekend and try some fancy slow cooked meals such as Sunday Roast or a BBQ party at the garden.

You should also spare sometimes looking for and collecting recipes. Save the ones that you like on your smartphone and cook it any time that you could. With your recipe collection, you can easily cook one brand new dish everyday so you don’t get bored with eating the same dish all over again.

Also trying to cook new dishes enhances your creativity as well as your cooking skills.  Cooking time now becomes one of the times that you can relax and try something new and fun in the kitchen.

3/ Keep Costs Down

Money could be the biggest issue for any college student. However, don’t let the cost of cooking prevent you from doing so.

In fact, cooking at home could be cheaper than eating fast foods and take away foods if you know how to buy smart to save money.

For example, supermarket owned label products usually are the cheapest in the shelves. You could buy some products such as basic pastas and bread that made by the supermarket.

It is also cheaper if you buy a whole chicken or a big pile of meat and divide them into small bags. You can freeze these in order to keep them for 1 month.

Another tip to save your cost of cooking is sharing your meals with your friends. When many people cook and eat together, you can buy foods in bulk- which is cheaper and you get the chance to eat fresh and new foods every day.

Here are 3 most common and useful tips that every college student should know when they have to cook for themselves. No matter how good or bad you can cook, keep practicing and be confident that your cooking skills will soon improve.

I hope that with all the advice here, you would be able to have fun and have many good and delicious meals in your student life.


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