3 Things A New Mom Should Know And Mentally Prepare

It is very exciting to wait for the birth of a baby after 9 months of waiting. Having a baby brings many joys and happiness to new first time parent.

If you are expecting a baby, I am sure that you have already captured in your mind many hours of playing around, going to the park together and buying a lot of adorable and beautiful things for your baby.

You would also expect of lot of love from your baby, his or her hugs and kisses. Their innocent smiles and naïve thoughts that would make you so happy anytime you think about them. I am sure that everybody tells you about how proud it is to see your child take the first steps or say the first words.

However, being new parents is also a stressful task which requires a lot of your tolerance and patience.  There are many things that would constantly put you down and upset you.

3 Things A New Mom Should Know And Mentally Prepare

Mentioning about those things does necessarily discourage you from being good parents. On the contrary, knowing about these will help you mentally prepare better for the upcoming years full of ups and downs.

Here are 3 things you should know about the not a bright side of being a new mom:

1/ There Is No Privacy

If you stay at home with your kids, they will follow you all the time. For some small kids, they cannot sleep and start to cry whenever you are out of their sight.

Also you are expected to bring them along with you all the time when you go out. You will start to think that your privacy is gone forever.

However, you can take this as a good chance to bond with your kids. It is easier to make friends with them in the earlier stages of their life than later when they don’t listen to you anymore.

It is also a good time for you to teach your kids about privacy. You can lock the bathroom door whenever you go in and tell your kids that you will be back soon.

Also prepare some alone times for yourself. Get your kids something to do and tell them not to interrupt you. Some they will understand that there is some certain times that they need to play on their own without your help.

2/ Your Kids Will Let You Down Sometimes

Your kids sure love you very much. You can expect a lot of hugs and kisses as well as being able to hear the words I love you a million time.

3 Things A New Mom Should Know And Mentally Prepare

However, you should also need to accept the fact that there are some times they will be really misbehaved and won’t listen to any thing you say.

You might spend a lot of time preparing and cooking delicious meals for your kids only to see them refuse to eat because they don’t have to mood to do so.

There are also many other similar scenarios that might happen in the future. The best thing you could do is not to spank them and force them to do things that you don’t like.

You need to wait till you are calmer and when you kids seem to be nice to teach them again.

3/ Every Day You Will Learn Something New

After many years of being a parent, you will come out knowing a lot of things that you don’t even bother to know before.

A child may encounter a lot of problems in every single aspect of his life. For sleep, he may have difficulty falling to sleep or cannot fall back to sleep on his own. For eating, he may have colic and allergy.  You also see yourself checking his poo condition to make sure he is healthy.

There are many things that you need to know and when you finally understand a bit about this problem, it is already over. For example, you might learn how to read your baby’s crying to see if he is hungry or sleepy. By the time you get the most senses out of these crying, he can talk.

In general, when you become a mom, you do not just do the job of a mom. You become a doctor, a chief, a professional babysitter while still having to make sure all the housework is done.

Things could get better when you have more kids afterwards but it sure is tough for now.

Here are 3 most common bad things that you might encounter when you have kids. However, I am sure that will all your love and patience as well as your knowledge and preparation, the benefits of being parents will overcome all of the drawbacks.


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